Skin Authority

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Skin Authority is the leading skin care lifestyle company, offering its exclusive brand through certified retail, resort, and spa partners. The four cornerstones of its approach are: (1) professional treatments & rituals; (2) results-driven home care; (3) professional guidance and coaching; and (4) ongoing education. All of these elements are brought together through its unique Skin Coach On Demand program where individuals are coached to make healthy choices daily, so they can achieve and maintain a lifetime of beautiful, radiant skin. Skin Authority empowers beauty professionals with the tools, ongoing education, products, and in-home support needed to deliver the ultimate consumer experience and be the leader in their clients’ healthy lifestyle – providing guidance, treatment, homecare, and support. 
Skin Authority INSTITUTE for Professional Training
Skin Authority shares its knowledge as the authority on skin and offers online training and development programs to busy esthetics professionals worldwide. The Skin Authority Institute prepares and strengthens the new generation skin care professional who wants ongoing education that fits within their busy lifestyle.