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3-In-1 Skin Cleansing System

Three interchangeable heads gives this powerful, yet portable cleansing brush all the power you need to transform the appearance of skin tone, texture, elasticity, and firmness. Safe and gentle enough to use daily.

  1. CLEANSING BRUSH. The Bristle Head will gently and completely remove impurities, deep clean pores, and polish the skin's surface for improved tone, texture, elasticity, and firmness.

  2. GENTLE MICRODERMABRASION. The Honeycomb Head will let you say goodbye to rough skin. The honeycomb head will gently buff away imperfections for a smooth, even texture.

  3. MAKEUP APPLICATOR & TARGET CLEANSING. The Conical Head gives your foundation an airbrushed look. Just a couple of drops of foundation on your skin and smooth it in with the Conical Head. The look is flawless. Ideal to target cleansing of nose, chin, and mouth.
Device Features include:
  • Two speeds
  • Oscillation mode
  • Three interchangeable heads
  • Battery operated convenience

Price: $59.00

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Cleansing is the essential first step in a healthy skin care ritual. The 3-in-1 Skin Cleansing System will help you deeply cleanse the skin far more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing. The result is noticeably smoother, more radiant skin.
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Installing Bristle Brush Head Or Sponge Head
    Bristle Brush - Place Bristle Brush Head onto the hexagon connector on top of device and twist clockwise until securely fastened. 
    Conical Sponge Head or Honeycomb Sponge Head - Place and press down the Conical Sponge Head or Honeycomb Sponge Head onto the hexagon connector until securely fastened.
Installing Batteries 

Pull out the battery cap, properly insert 3 AAA alkaline batteries, and close the battery compartment afterwards. Rest two of the batteries on the negative end (-) of the battery on the springs in the battery cap. Rest the remaining battery positive end (+) down in the battery cap. The positive battery will rest lower than the other two batteries. 

Power On/Off 

Press and hold ON/OFF SWITCH in 1 second for Power On and Off. 


Press SPEED SWITCH once or repeatedly selecting High or Low speed.


Once the device is activated, press the ON/OFF SWITCH once to change to oscillation motion. Press the ON/OFF SWITCH to alternate between rotation and oscillation modes.
Reviewer Comments Rating
This was used on my skin during a facial, together with the daily cleanser. My skin looked and felt amazing! I have also had a technician use a Clarisonic but that felt more abrasive - maybe it vibrates too much? This one is great and I plan to buy it to take on vacation over Christmas to make sure my skin stays super healthy even with all the traveling and late nights!!
I love this brush. Not only is it affordable but it really does clean your skin. My face feels super soft and unclogged after I am finished. I am buying one for my daughter for Christmas.
I love this product! I was a little skeptical about the "bristles" being too rough. That is not the case at all. It is very gentle and your skin feels so smooth and fresh after using this. I use it on my neck as well.
I’m really happy with my new skin cleansing brush and now I’m annoyed I waited so long… but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. The Skin Authority Skin Cleansing System is $59, making it an affordable alternative to the Clarisonic options and it comes with 3 attachment heads included. Additionally, the company is really unique. They have an emphasis on lifestyle and offer “skin coaching” by live chat or phone to answer questions and assist you in choosing the right products for your skin. I really appreciate the excellent customer service and the fact that they aim to offer innovative prestige skincare products at an accessible price point.
My skin never felt this smooth & my makeup has never gone on this evenly-all thanks to the SkinAuthority Skin Cleansing System
Love the Skin Authority Skin Cleansing System... so simple to use... but so effective... love the fact that I have one device that can accomplish 3 different things; it has a very gentle cleansing brush + a great exfoliating sponge head (my favorite) + a cone shape head for my eyes.... It is a true cleansing system!!!
I have been using the Skin Cleansing System from Skin Authority for several weeks and I love it! The System is my first skin care "device" and it has been much easier to use than I expected. The Cleansing Head is fantastic; I can really see how it makes your cleanser work harder. I also love how the Exfoliating Head gives the feeling of a DIY microdermabrasion session! I thought this System would cost double and I would gladly pay double for it. Highly recommend!
I love this product and I loved the price even more! I saw other brushes on the market but I was really sold on Skin Authority's because it had the three different heads at a better price! The gentle cleansing brush was fantastic and didn't splash everywhere. The exfoliating sponge really deep cleans my skin. I use it with Skin Authority's Exfoliating Cleanser and my skin feels like I just had a treatment at a spa. The cone shape head is pretty special. You can get to those tough spots near your nose but it's also gentle enough to use around your eyes AND you can apply foundation with it! I love this Skin Cleansing System!!!
A friend of mine gave me this for Christmas. I've never tried a brush before and was skeptical it would do anything except irritate my sensitive skin. She kept telling me to try it and I did a few weeks ago. My skin never felt so clean - my pores are smaller, my skin is not so red anymore. I thought it would irritate my skin, but it did the complete opposite. Powerful, but gentle. I just saw how much they charge for the system and I can't believe it - what a deal. I am a huge fan now.
I have a clarisonic and honestly didn't know how this would compare, but because I wanted to try the additional heads and it was so inexpensive, I tried it out. The honeycomb head is seriously life changing. I noticed a dramatic difference by the very next morning. My skin was so much smoother than it ever had been, even after using my clarisonic

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