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Today many people are camping out in their homes, apartments, or secluded work studios. Camp Skin Authority is the perfect way to transform the seclusion and uncertainty of stay at home time into an engaging adventure.

We can come together to learn something new, practice a little self care, and come out on the other side feeling confident and healthy.

Our coaches created the following camp kits with fun and learning activities in mind. Each camp kit comes with three steps: DO: instructions for the experience, LEARN: a few educational tips and fun facts on the skin health benefits, and SHARE: a merit badge reward opportunity for sharing with friends on social to broaden our sense of community and to create a little glow!

Best pricing to our campers! All camp kits priced 30% OFF individually priced items + FREE Shipping. No code necessary!

RESCUE ME.   An interactive, educational mask immersion for you, your housemates or family to experience together.

Camp kit includes: five 7-Minute Makeover Masks - get the results of a mini facial in minutes. Skin is brighter, smoother and clear. Great for teens and adults!

BATH TIME. Whether a family affair or your few precious minutes alone - destress with our invigorating bath or shower wash to lift the spirits with a fragrant blend of mint, citrus, and subtle pine.

Camp kit includes: Shimmering Champagne Bath Bomb - celebrate bath time, no ID required! This hydrating bath bomb with a goat milk & Vitamin D infused soap center hydrates and illuminates skin. Well-Being Bath & Shower Retreat - inhale the subtle, relaxing natural essence of a bath or shower infused with our Well-Being Bath & Shower Retreat.

SCREEN TIME SAVIOR. Doubling down on screen time? Upgrade your skin care protection to shield from aging rays of Blue Light and Infrared coming from all the devices you rely on to stay connected virtually!

Camp kit includes: Instant Perfection Peel Pads - a mini daily peel to brighten up your skin, minimize discoloration and dissolves dead surface layers removing pollution particles. SkinSuit Face - the SPF you should wear inside: blocks 99% of the radiation from your devices and sun. Bonus: it also helps deter discoloration and breakouts from heat generated by all of those on demand workouts you have been trying at home!

FAKE A VACAY. Look like you just came back from the sunny vacay we all wish we were taking right now. Treat yourself and get that much-needed vacation glow.

Camp kit includes: Illuminating Body Peel Cream - like a facial for your entire body. An easy to apply body cream infused with immune supporting Vitamin D, leaves skin smooth with a naturally healthy glow. VitaD Fortified™ Sunless Tanner - daily buildable sunless tanner that nourishes while giving a naturally UV-free tan. Bonus: it leaves no orange, sticky or stinky residue!

COUPLES RETREAT. Now that a night in is mandatory, make “date night in” a couples spa retreat!

Camp Kit includes: Two 7 Minute Makeover Masks - More like 7 Minutes in Heaven! Fun bubbly masks to spa at home together to look and feel renewed. Bamboo Ginseng Scrub - give your body some head to toe love with this invigorating scrub to hydrate, soften, and activate the senses with aromatic essential oils. Oil Nutrient - spa'ng at home wouldn’t be complete without massage oil. A luxurious blend of nourishing, natural oils, including Avocado, Rosehip, Grapeseed, and Sunflower leave skin silky and glowing.

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