Become A Skin Authority Affiliate

What is it?

We're thrilled that you are interested in our Skin Authority Affiliate Programs! We have a variety of program types to unlock income earning potential and of course, healthy glowing skin!  

We are looking for affiliate partners who believe healthy skin is beautiful skin and stimulate positivity and confidence in their friends, family, and networks of contacts. We believe in the power of the human one-on-one connection and that everyone deserves access to healthy, clean skin care products that produce results and seek partners to support us in sharing this mission.

As a Skin Authority affiliate, you will receive a unique link to share and earn commissions for every sale you refer. Signing up is free and easy. Simply complete our online registration form by clicking the Apply Now button below. We'll contact you upon approval of your application.

Program Features

  • Earn commissions monthly with your custom link at a competitive commission rate!

  • No commission credit cap/maximum.

  • Free expert skin coaching for you and your contacts to ensure everyone has the right products for their skin and lifestyle.

  • Opportunities to be featured on @skinauthority instagram.
  • Free, easy-to-use marketing content to text, email, or post.
  • Access to view your personalized program dashboard showing your  activity and earnings in real time. 
  • Priority access to our insider promotion newsletter, new product launches, evens and PR giveaways. 


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