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"I started Skin Authority to create products with results that make you feel beautiful in your own skin. At the heart of our brand is the 1-1 human connection of a live coach to hear your unique needs and customize simple routines that reflect your desires and lifestyle. You don't just buy products, you become part of a global Skin Authority community sharing a passion for skin health, self worth and confidence. Skin care science is rapidly advancing so we are continuously incorporating the latest technology into our product offerings and empowering you with the education needed to be an ambassador for your own skin health." Celeste Hilling, Founder & CEO

Deliver immediately visible results through Health Inspired skin care products, cleanly formulated, to reflect the desire of our consumers to purchase with a conscience without compromising performance.


Provide a human 1-1 connection through certified skin coaching to listen to your needs, aspirations, and use that "human knowing" to Personalize A Routine, and motivate you to achieve beauty that is uniquely you.

We design technology to enrich every touch point from our Health Inspired Product Innovations, Clean Skin Care™ formulations, patent pending Skin Coaching Video Platform, Skin Authority Institute (SAI), and earth friendly manufacturing and packaging design.

Broaden your product experience beyond do-it-yourself home use by engaging our professionals to guide you through immersive skin rituals.


Empower you with the tools and education to be an ambassador for your own skin health and feel strength from a community of others who share your lifestyle values.

Our Clean Skin Care Approach

Our Sustainable Approach



Skin Authority is passionate about giving back to communities and individuals around us. We focus our resources and efforts on our TOUCH Transforms initiatives which utilize the power of human touch to help those in need. Whether it be in health, spirit, or material items, Skin Authority selects two causes each year to support under the TOUCH Transforms mission.