Innovative science delivered at the skin level.

Taking inspiration from our San Diego life sciences community, Skin Authority continuously scans the research landscape for breakthroughs that help us live well longer. Our mission is to translate that knowledge into products which benefit skin.

Skin Authority innovations specifically focuses on:

  • Boosting and enhancing the natural defense provided by skin’s protective barrier to help our skin thrive in a world of growing digital and environmental exposure.
  • Leveraging ingredient technology which works in conjunction with the skin’s natural function to help restore immediate cosmetic appearance while working for longer term preservation of skin health

SGF-4 Technology™ Growth Factors

We worked with immunologists to identify four families of natural body proteins which help support the skin's formation of healthy cells and skin structure, delivering visible cosmetic improvement. SGF-4 Technology is clinically shown to improve skin appearance: 85% saw smoother, 78% saw firmer and 87% saw fuller looking skin.

SGF-4 PRO Technology™ Growth Factors

A patented proprietary blend of anti-inflammatory Growth Factors, cytokines, and glycans, in the precise ratio, scientifically shown to accelerate healing and regenerate collagen, glucosaminoglycans, and elastin in connective tissue cells.

SkinSuit 360 Environmental Protection

A family of products designed to activate your skin superpowers against environmental damage and digital aging with three key technologies: Mineral Active Protection™, Skin Immunity Boost, and Biome Enhancing.

VitaD Fortified™ Formulations

These formulations protect skin from the damaging effects of environmental aggressors and hormonal activity by providing a topical dose of vitamin D, all while firming and illuminating skin for more radiant results.

AOX Technology™ Boost

Antioxidants defend the skin against environmental factors and free radical damage. Pioneered by Skin Authority, our patented blend of vitamins and antioxidants deliver a multiplier effect of skin protection not accomplished using individual ingredients alone. Experience accelerated results with any product featuring our AOX Technology Boost.


BeautyInfusion™ Topical Superfoods

Your environment changes every day—so do your skincare needs. Skin Authority tested over 600 superfoods to find the perfect proprietary blends of topical nourishment and repair. Isolated topical superfood proteins, enzymes, and extracts of Quinoa, Avocado, Blueberry, Turmeric, Swertia Chirata, and fermented Probiotics supercharge your daily hydrating, brightening, anti-aging, and clarifying needs. Beauty Infusion Superfoods allow you to dial up or down the level of boost your skin needs so you can see maximum results.


Fear Free Peel™

Sensitive skin? No problem. Get the benefits of AHA exfoliation without the harsh effects or redness caused by inflammation, formaldehyde, or resorcinol. Our leave-on sugarcane solution is gentle enough for daily use yet powerful enough to visibly transform your skin. It works by speeding up cell turnover to refine skin texture and reduce imperfections with no dry, flakey response or redness.

Clean Skin Formulations

Products formulated without parabens, dyes, microbeads, and fragrances that are cruelty free, reef safe, and sustainable to reflect the desire of our consumers to purchase with a conscience without compromising performance.


Dry Finish Technology™

Formulation technique that ensures products go on clear and absorb easily, leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft, and dry to the touch.