Complete Fix Treatment Appointment, $175

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The most advanced, immediate cosmetic results while simultaneously reducing inflammation, restoring skin health and boosting immune function in ONE treatment. Skin immediately appears full, smooth, and radiant with natural hydration. First, it will target dull and rough skin with the exfoliating and brightening properties of a sugar cane based glycolic exfoliation. Then, powered by Regenerative GF Complete, with patented SGF-4 Technology™ to heal skin 2x faster with 5x the volume. It is clinically shown to boost the skin’s regeneration process promoting collagen production, healthy circulation, and accelerated cell renewal for a treatment that will repair and correct imperfections, fill, volumize and, smooth uneven texture.

Treatment location:

The Skin Authority Center of Excellence
3186 Lionshead Avenue, Suite 150
Carlsbad, CA 92010.

If you have any questions chat online, call 1-866-325-7546 option 4, or email us at

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Duration: 30 minutes

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